The demand for our Bricktile Magic product (bricktiles) has become global and we are here to supply you with a world class life time bricktile product!


Our main Company, Javanti Trading Pty Ltd, was established and registered in 2001. As a result of Javanti Trading’s innovative support we officially establishment  Bricktile Magic during 2006 in Kimberley. In short we started off by only doing applications with bricktiles that we bought out from other companies! We soon realised the advantages and demand of this unique product and decided that it would be more cost effective to produce our own bricktiles to do the applications with.

We then built our first bricktile cutting machine and started producing our own bricktiles for application purposes only. Soon the companies that we originally bought tiles from started ordering from us in small quantities. It wasn’t long before their orders became much bigger and we struggled to keep up with production. Other companies and individuals from the public sector also started to order from us. This resulted that we had to build another two bricktile cutting machines to accommodate the demand and orders. The more we produced the bigger the orders became!

It wasn’t long before we realised that the three machines we had were not enough to address the demand, irrespective of the fact that we started running double shifts seven days a week. We received enquiries from abroad for exports, and so we entered into the export market as well. Our production capacity could not meet with the demand so we decided to expand our factory to accommodate larger orders.  We brought in another five bricktile cutting machines to enable us to increase our production to meet the demand for our product.

We soon realised that our monthly expenses became very high as result of the fact that we are based in Kimberley. We had to transport bricks ( raw material ) from Johannesburg and other places to Kimberley, where after we manufactured the bricktiles and transported it back to Johannesburg again. We decided to move the factory to Johannesburg in 2015 to eliminate unnecessary cost and expenses.

Current Position

We currently have eight bricktile cutting machines running in Johannesburg which basically makes us the largest manufacturer of bricktiles in South Africa.
We are in the process  of bringing in more machines to enable us to increase production to a much higher level.
We are currently exporting most of our production to Nigeria, and smaller quantities to other countries as well. We already ship between 3 – 5 containers per month!

Here are a few benefits of our bricktile product:

Bricktiles are guaranteed to last a life time
Bricktiles gives you a face brick finish without the rebuild process
Bricktiles solves rising damp problems instantly
Bricktiles offers maintenance free solutions - No More Paint Ever!
Bricktile once, Paint every 2-5 years
Bricktiles can be applied to most structural surfaces
Bricktiles can be used for interior and exterior applications
Bricktiles increases property values with up to 25%